About ME

My passion in auto-immune disease sparked at a young age, when my mother was diagnosed with Scleroderma, and I was diagnosed with Lupus. It triggered an interest in me to understand more about autoimmune disease, and how exercise can help people live a better quality of life. I have a very special interest in educating others about autoimmune disease and guiding people with a chronic illness about the safety and effectiveness of exercise.

I always loved sport and exercise growing up, from dancing and acrobats to cartwheeling my way around the house. I currently keep myself active through yoga, Pilates, cycling, and walking, and have competed in multiple charity runs including a triathlon, half marathon and 29km trail run. In 2015, I had a severe Lupus flare resulting in kidney failure, and this flipped my world upside down. It was at this point that my life took a turn, and I had to change the way I lived my life - no more tanning days in the sun, no more pushing my body's limits till exhaustion, and learning to listen to my body and rest. I'd like to think that the silver lining from this bad situation is that now I am in control of my Lupus and I am the healthiest version of myself - and this is the story that I hope inspires others living with a chronic illness.

A little bit about my professional background...

I'm a qualified Accredited Exercise Physiologist, Pilates instructor, University lecturer, NSW co-chair for Exercise & sports Science Australia, and currently completing my phd in the "Safety and effectiveness of exercise for people with Scleroderma and Lupus". This keeps me busy - and I love it :)